Sterling Hayden

4 Sep

I am obsessed with Sterling Hayden. I just watched The Long Goodbye which has turned my mere interest in Sterling Hayden into a full-fledged obsession. It’s not entirely my fault–I think it was one of his best roles. But it’s sparked this whole interest in Hayden. He hated acting. He escaped from Hollywood, defying a court order to stay with his children in Los Angeles. He just jumped on his boat and headed for the South Seas with them. One site described him as a man’s man. I often find that type of man appealing in theory, but rarely in practice. Maybe I would be wooed by his curling mouth, dark iris-less eyes, towering height (over a foot taller than me), blond hair. I probably would. I’m wooed when I watch him on screen, trying to determine if his heart was really in this or that part and why he never seems to have any chemistry with his leading ladies. Oh, Sterling Hayden, where have all the interesting men gone?


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