Old 97’s

11 Oct

Why oh why oh why this obsession with alt.country with me lately? I have been obsessively listening to Old 97s. When I first listened to Too Far to Care, I felt as if it was exactly the sound I’d been looking for–as if I was a musician who, late one evening after a long, unproductive rehearsal, stumbled across the sound I’d been hearing in my mind for months but was unable to play until that one ephiphanous moment. I bought the album that followed that, Fight Songs, which is catchy as hell. I love it. They’re touring with Chris Isaak (who I blame, along with Shelby Lynne and the album Dusty in Memphis, for my recent affection for alt.country) in the south, but I think actually that was old information on the Old 97s’ website. A double disappointment–I can’t go because I live in CA AND because it already happened. And to think, I could have seen them almost two years ago when I visited right before I moved here….


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