Carole Lombard Flower–Finished!

24 Mar

Finally! A photo! (Thanks, Chad.) I just finished the leaves and put it all together yesterday. Better late than never…

Carole Lombard velvet flower

So now the remaining projects on my to-do list are:

  • Photo album for Haas and Ben
  • Wreath for mom (and practice wreath for myself). Yes, this was supposed to be a Christmas present.
  • Crate and Barrel-style floor cushions. I’m SO CLOSE with these. I just need to cut the foam padding, fill the slipcovers, close them up, and finish the edges and sew the buttons.
  • My Christmas stocking (again, almost done)
  • Christmas ornaments

You can see that I’m leaving myself quite a bit of time to finish those last two items, yet with my resolution to only work on one craft project at a time (plus one knitting project), it’s still so daunting. The one upside is that I’m down to five projects from ten at the beginning of January. The downside is that I’m still where I was a month ago…

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