Magnetic Fields “i” and Sam Phillips “A Boot and a Shoe”

25 Mar

Derk handed me the new Magnetic Fields CD, i (which will be released on Nonesuch in May). It’s great–the same kind of top-notch quirky songwriting as on 69 Love Songs Vol. 1. One of the songs, I think it’s “I’m Tongue-Tied,” sounds like an old vocal tune from the ’20s-’40s. And “I Don’t Believe You” is an early favorite. I couldn’t help thinking of Aimee Mann as I was listening to it. Good stuff.

Sam Phillips’ new album, A Boot and a Shoe, is also another one to watch out for. I loved her last album, Fan Dance. Oddly catchy, for me, the new one falls into that post-Tom Waits twisted barroom jazz that I’ve been really into lately. Joe Henry is the only other example I can think of at the moment.

I just checked out the Nonesuch website briefly. What a roster: Bill Frisell, Wilco, David Byrne, Randy Newman. What a great bunch of wackos.

Chad and I are heading to LA next weekend to see wee Jon Brion at Largo. Should be good…


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