Why I Should Never Start a Project at 10pm

31 Mar

I finished my plaid dishcloth (from my I Can’t Believe I’m Knitting book–it’s actually a good book) last week on my lunch breaks and while we were up in Tahoe this past weekend.

So I decided to start on Nakiska, a cable-knit headband. It’s my first project with cables, my first with circular needles, and my first with anything smaller than an 8 needle (it uses 5s). I went to Dharma Trading in San Rafael (my work LYS), and the lady there was a huge help, giving me advice on what length of circular needles I should use and gushing about the Classic Elite Lush yarn. It is pretty darn soft.

So, after an evening of proofing (a really fun crafty girlie book called You Can Do It!–I can’t wait until it comes out), I decided to stay up for another fifteen minutes, watch some TiVo (Chad’s newest toy), and cast on the yarn for the headband. Unfortunately, I’ve never worked with yarn like this before, and it immediately got completely tangled up. Two hours later, I almost had it untangled and my demeanor alternated between infuriated, bitter, miserable, and Zen-like acceptance. A half hour later than that, the part I had straightened out got tangled, I pulled out the scissors, and now I have two nice little compact balls. So much for getting to bed early. I hope the rest of the project goes more smoothly. I cast on the next day at lunch and knitted two rows. My seed stitch is a little wonky, but I’m just going to charge right through it. We’ll see how it goes…

Here’s my half-finished Eve. I need more Splash! Dharma doesn’t carry it in black and I haven’t been able to make it to ImagiKnit since I bought it. Dang it!

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