LA’s Garment District

5 Apr

While I was in LA this past weekend, I dragged Chad to the Garment District (now renamed the Fashion District), figuring that I could pick up some cool fabric to make myself some skirts this summer. It was completely overwhelming. So many places selling fabric for $1-$2/yard, so many bead and notion stores, so many flower wholesalers… It would be a perfect place to go if you were doing your own decorations for a wedding or a big party (I remember Tiffany trying to source some cheap decorations last year for her wedding–not easy to do in SF). But so much of the fabric was pretty cheap looking, too, that it made it rather frustrating. And it’s definitely not the place to go shopping with your boyfriend. After about an hour of aimlessly looking at fabric and purposefully looking for stamens (they only had the pearl bridal kind), we left to try to find a bookstore where we could get a map. Maybe next time…

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