Nakiska Troubles

6 Apr

So I cast on (finally) with my little ball of yarn last week at lunch and, after knitting the first two rows, realized I could make things much easier on myself by casting on more loosely. For some reason, casting on loosely is against my knitting nature so far. I recast on, knitted the first three rows in seed stitch, and realized that I was actually doing a knit 1 purl 1 ribbing. Figuring that was okay, I did the first row of the first pattern stitch and ended up with about 6 extra stitches. When I can muster up the courage, I’m going to rip my current row back and start it over again. Ninety stitches just seems like a lot to rip back.

On the upside, I won an eBay auction of some cool stamens to make more velvet flowers and found two more online sources for them. I have this misguided thought that I could make a bouquet for my sister’s wedding or maybe even a spring wreath for my mom.

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