Lunchtime Endeavors

10 Apr

I’ve been struggling lately with reconciling my two favorite lunchtime activities: knitting and walking. Since it’s impossible to do both at the same time, and the town where I work is woefully devoid of park benches (or even public parks within walking distance), I went for a stroll on Friday in a different directin from my usual way to see if I could find someplace to walk to and knit without having to buy a cup of coffee. I walked past this old, abandoned hall with old Roman-style columns–Barbara described it as a rotunda. Then up into a residential neighborhood, past a turquoise and white house with a turquoise and white car parked in front, an abandoned-looking house with a paved-over yard covered in a well-maintained container garden, and some beautiful old houses from the ’30s or ’40s (and one gorgeous, huge Victorian that loomed above the neighborhood on a hill). But no park bench. Oh well. I found one of the great-smelling flowers on the bush down the street from my office on the ground and brought it back to the office. Derk identified it as a star jasmine. The scent filled my little cube for the rest of the afternoon. It’s strange how, when you’re looking for something, you often don’t find it, but if you keep yourself open, you can discover so much more.

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