The Curse of Nakiska

14 Apr

What a–um, challenging (read: pain in the butt) project this is turning out to be! It’s probably a bit beyond my abilities at this point, but I’m not quite ready to admit that. After my k1 p1 ribbing problem and losing my place in the pattern stitch, I decided to cast on again. It was much easier (and I didn’t get so bored casting on 90 stitches), and I charged right ahead and knitted up the first three rows in a nice-looking seed stitch at lunch one day. Figuring that was enough for the moment, I stuck my needles in my ball of yarn and put it in my bag. Last night, wanting to get back to some relaxing, crafty things after wrapping up the latest segment in my freelance work, I pulled it out of my knitting bag and realized that about 15 stitches had slid off the needles. I didn’t trust my ability to not drop any stitches while trying to get the stitches back on the needle, so I ripped it all out (again) and cast back on. After all, I had no problem doing the seed stitch last time, right? After two-and-a-half rows of “seed stitch,” I realized I was back to square one–k1 p1 ribbing. Rip out, put away.

I think I gave the yarn some bad feng shui with all the cursing I did when I unknotted it that first night.

I’m switching to sewing for a bit. I hope to make a skirt this weekend out of some new fabric I picked up at Pumpkin Seed. I’m heading to Beverly’s now to pick up the thread and a zipper.

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