Paring Down

19 Apr

Well, I didn’t make much of a dent in my projects pile this weekend, but I did do some crucial prep work. I got rid of a bunch of my fabric stash, organized the rest, and prewashed all the fabric I’m thinking of using in the near future. I also finally went to Imagiknit and got another skein of Splash to finish my Eve shawl (I even found a great pink and black dress at Ambiance to wear to all my weddings this year–if I use pink ribbon for Eve, it’ll be a great match!). Now I just need my #17 needles back…

Then I started on a much delayed project, my Mom’s Christmas present from this past Christmas: Martha Stewart’s Embossed Velvet Leaf Wreath. Unfortunately, Martha has taken down the photos from her site, but I’ll post some when I finish it.

I started cutting out, interfacing, and embossing the velvet leaves. I even attached stems and have nine almost-finished leaves (out of 85, but still, it’s a start). I’m hoping to finish it by her birthday, May 27. But then again, it is a fall wreath, so it won’t be very timely no matter what. I’m using cotton velvet (in yellow, green, brown, and two other colors to be determined) for my Mom’s wreath and then either silk or rayon velvet (in reds) to make one for myself. Since the two places my Mom hangs wreaths are on their front door, which is dark brown, and above the fireplace, on a brick wall, I thought the yellow would be a better choice. The cotton velvet is taking the embossing pretty well, much better than I feared. I may try a few leaves of the other velvet tomorrow just to compare.

I posted a list of all my various projects to keep me honest and, more importantly, focused.


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  1. chad April 20, 2004 at 1:24 pm #

    hopefully your mom doesn’t read your blog, otherwise you may destroy the surprise… 🙂

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