Knitting Needle Holder

5 May

I just finished the nicest and most frustrating knitting needle holder I’ve done so far.



GreenNeedleHolder-with stuff.jpg

When Sharlene and I were at Feria Urbana a couple of weeks ago, we walked by a table of knitting needle holders that were really cool. Sharlene was looking for something for her boyfriend’s mom for Mother’s Day, but these were a little too vivid for the mom’s tastes (and pretty expensive, too). I foolishly said, “Oh I can make those.” So Sharlene came over my house and picked out some fabric from the stash I’m trying so hard to whittle down.

I finished all of it last night, except for the seam binding. I had bought some twill tape to use, which worked great for the straps, but my seam ripper tore it apart when I went back to fix an early mistake. Today, Jen and I took a lunchtime jaunt over to Buttons and Bows in San Anselmo, where the woman working there helped me find this beautiful bias-cut silk dupioni. I ironed it into double-fold bias tape when I got home, sewed up the straps, attached them, pinned the tape around the edges–all with no problem.

Then disaster struck. The silk kept sliding out, so I’d get one side sewn onto the body of the piece, but not the underside. The presser foot kept pushing the silk to the side, and the tape kept stretching on the bias, causing some unsightly ripples. I ripped out the worst mistakes, tried basting the tape on the fabric, sewed again. And repeat. For about two and a half hours. In the end, I realized the only thing I was accomplishing was frustrating myself, so I set it aside, called Sharlene, and took a bath. And when I was done, I realized that, as long as you don’t look too closely at the border, it looks pretty darn good!

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