Alameda Swap Meet

7 May

Jen, her friend, Linda, and I went to the Alameda Swap Meet on Sunday. It was amazing. I’m always really impressed by the old military bases in San Francisco and environs (my uncle was stationed on Treasure Island in the late ’50s or early ’60s, I think). The grand officers’ homes the gorgeous landscape in the Presidio. The orderly, compact, house-lined roads in Fort Mason. But the Alameda base is pretty amazing. Driving along long airstrips that just end in the Bay. It has probably the best view of San Francisco. One air strip was entirely filled with antique stalls; it just went on forever. It was almost cruelly huge. Linda warned me that “You have to know what you’re looking for and just put on the blinders to everything else.” At first, I didn’t heed her advice, but I soon realized it was just too overwhelming not to. And, I ended up finding a table that works great as a nightstand for Chad. Now he can stop complaining about it. Ha!

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