First coached trainings

6 Jun

Yesterday was my first coached ride: McLaren Lodge, through GG Park, up Great Highway, around Lake Merced, and back again. 17 miles. I’ve decided that I need to push myself and push myself I did. I went with the Elite/Pro group, defined (for that ride, anyway) as people who know how to switch gears, ride in traffic, and do a 90-minute ride.

Today was the first real coached practice. We did two time trials: a 12-minute swim (22 laps for me) and a two-mile run (17:57, with my first mile in 8:13; Mr. Kiessling would be proud). All this made me realize how little I push myself on my own. In Cambria, I ran 2 miles in a half hour on completely flat ground. Last week, I rode 14 miles in an hour and a half. But when I was in that big group of people, filing out of the driveway at McLaren Lodge onto JFK, focusing in on a red/blue/black/gray jersey or t-shirt and catching up to them and passing them, I realized that this is what I need to force me to go further, to push myself, to improve. When I biked and swam and ran this weekend, I felt that it was all possible: this triathlon, the fundraising, anything. I felt superhuman and capable. I can see why Mike (one of the mentors) said triathlons become addictive.

Chad says I’m not competitive. I think that side of me has just been in hiding ever since college.

Tomorrow’s a rest day. I can’t wait. My body is so tired.


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  1. Tiffany Silverman June 8, 2004 at 9:23 am #

    Wow, your times are awesome!!!! Can’t wait to get together with you guys for a bike ride. Sounds hokey, but it feels so good to push yourself and then break through barriers you never thought you would. (BTW, I knew you were harboring some secret competitiveness in you). Go Solis go!

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