The swim that almost wasn’t

8 Jun

Today is the whole reason I signed up with Team in Training. I got home at 6:40 after working late and making some more fruitless attempts at finding the perfect dress for all four weddings I’m going to this year. But that’s another story. I got home, I read the mail, I flipped through my B.C. alumni catalog, and I thought, “I’m not going to go.” I thought that for about ten minutes. Then I thought about this weekend, about how proud of myself I was after pushing myself, and I started writing down the Age Group workout. Then I thought, “Forget that!” and I wrote down the Elite workout (there are three levels: Age Group [beginner], Elite [intermediate], and Pro [um, you can figure that one out]). Three 300 m swims, plus drills, kickboarding, and a warm-up and cool-down.

I got in the water and just went for it. Counting laps, listening to my breathing underwater and the splash of my arms, the sounds forming pieces of songs in my head. In the story we did on him, Jack Johnson was talking about Hendrix: “There’s a lot of water in his music.” At first I thought, “Give me a break, what a corny surfer thing to say.” But the more I swim, the more I see what he means.

Next time, I’m going to try to go even faster.

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