Swapping days

9 Jun

I have the lamest reason for missing the coached ride today: I couldn’t get my bike into my car. I tried for about 10 minutes before giving up at 5:55, five minutes before the practice started. I thought I’d try riding down there, and just catch up with everyone, but then, when I picked up my bike, Chad’s bike pump got all caught up in it and part of it broke. Great. That’s just about how my day was going today.

So I walked over to Office Max to pick up some colored envelopes for my fundraising letters (no, I haven’t sent them out yet), came back, put my gym shorts back on and went for a run (I’ll do a spinning class tomorrow). And I’m glad I did. This week has been busy, but it’s nothing like what the last half of June and much of July is going to be. That will be agony between longer trainings, an extra issue to produce at work (jammed right in the middle of our regular production schedule), the final batches of my freelance proofing project, and possibly, Nellies rehearsals. That’s why I need to force myself to do all the workouts now, so I can keep it going then.

I love running in the park, though. I love that feeling of camaraderie, passing by all the other runners. But I wish, just once, I could get through a run without someone stopping to ask me where the Japanese Tea Garden is.

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