20 Jun

After my lackluster performance at last Sunday’s captain’s run (and my inability to get to Pacific Bikes to buy their Yakima car rack for only $44), I decided to just bring my running shoes up with me to bluegrass camp in Grass Valley. My first run, especially, was pretty lackluster. I started off from camp really enjoying the surroundings–nice rolling landscape, passing by farms and schools and ranch roads. And then I realized I was really dehydrated. Between being outside all day for classes in the 90 degree-plus heat, staying up until all hours of the night jamming, and the difficulty of getting water at night that didn’t taste absolutely disgusting, I was really pushing my limits. I gasped up the last hills and had to take a few short walking breaks. But I did it. And on Thursday, I pushed myself and went even farther.

And I also found out some more bad news about friends of mine who are affected by the cancers I’m raising funds to cure. The rumor was that Allison, my guitar teacher’s wife, was waiting on the results of a biopsy and that’s why they weren’t coming up to Grass Valley until the weekend. Her lymphoma has been in remission for three years. Patti, the Barefoot Nellies (i.e., my little bluegrass band) bass player, has myeloma. She got the diagnosis last year at Grass Valley, so this was basically the one-year anniversary. And I heard that another person I know tangentially through the bluegrass crowd was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.

That’s the real reason I signed up for Team in Training. I just know so many people with cancer now. Doing a triathlon and raising a measly $3,100 (measly in the scheme of things) is almost literally the least I can do.

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