What goes up…

20 Jun

I got a great deal on a bike yesterday–a 2002 version of a Bianchi for hundreds less than the 2004 version sells for. After test riding quite a few bikes, Chad and I got some coffee, talked it over, and went back to pick it up.

Today, after I did some work on my fundraising stuff and some work work and Chad got back from a scooter event, we got all geared up to go for a bike ride. The first thing that seemed strange was that the seat was about three inches too high. And the reach felt too long, even though they were supposed to put a shorter stem on. And there was zero clearance above the top bar. And the tag on the bike said 53 cm, when I thought I had bought a 51 cm frame.

Figuring it might be buyer’s remorse, we decided to go for a ride anyway to see how it felt. But first, I needed to get a little more used to the clipless pedals and, more precisely, getting in and out of them. Chad suggested riding down the side street by our house, which I did. When I was coming to a stop, I pulled out of my pedal, ready to stop myself, and promptly fell to the opposite side. CRASH! I got up, clipped back in, headed back toward Chad, and dismounted OK, but on the last “test ride,” I fell again and have a lovely scraped-up knee to show for it.

By that point I realized that the bike just felt too big to ride, so we put our bikes away, called the shop, and I’ll head down there on Tuesday to make sure I got the right frame size. I guess I’ll be doing Spinning classes and riding my hybrid this week after all.

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