22 Jun

I keep meaning to write about this as part of my other posts, but I get side-tracked, and well, it just seemed better suited for it’s own post. I’ve noticed this feeling I get when I’m working out for these triathlons, about three-quarters through the workout, I feel overwhelmed by the thought, “I can do it!” I feel capable of anything. I haven’t felt that way since school, when I knew I was capable of anything, at least, academically (the only classes I did poorly in were the couple of alleged blow-off classes I took and Prof. Araujo’s French class–that was a little bit too much of a challenge).

So I’m mentioning it now not only as an observation but as a reminder to my future self. In a month or a week, I’ll probably be struggling through some workout (running in Grass Valley was pretty tough), but if I can just tap into that wellspring of endorphins that bring on that invicible feeling, I know I’ll be able to get through it all.

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