More bike news

22 Jun

You know, the technicalities of biking is completely Greek to me. When I bought my bike on Saturday, the salesman was trying to explain to me the difference between the various types of pedals, clipless systems (that actually clip in, I still get confused over that one), and shoes. My eyes completely glazed over.

And so, after a trip back to the bike store today to make sure I bought the right bike, I realized it was a combination of buyer’s remorse and simple ignorance of how road bikes are supposed to feel. Now Chad thinks I’m not reaching enough.

I went to a Spinning class this morning, partially because I wasn’t sure what the status of my bike was and partially because I thought I could use some technique advice since I’ve missed all the bike drills so far. It was pretty interesting. It was nice to be able to get advice and tips for a full hour straight without the instructor riding out of earshot. I still need to get more competitive with the biking.

I can see now why people keep doing triathlons. There’s so much to learn, so many small points that get absorbed into your brain or muscles only partially at first and need a few reminders or a different approach to finally sink in.

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