I think I can…

27 Jun

I’m starting to think of my runs less as huge failures in my goal to becoming a triathlete and more as learning experiences. For example, today. I ran 2.7 miles in 50 minutes (plus a 10-minute .6-mile warm-up). I learned from my last few dehydration experiences and brought water and learned from my last few rubber legs experiences to warm up a bit before launching into the run. However, my fatal mistake was that, realizing I needed a change of pace (literally and figuratively, but let’s go with figuratively for now), I decided to head into the Presidio rather than trying to find another route in the much more level GG Park.

So up Arguello I go, pass the SF Free Folk Festival (which I missed again this year, darn it), up the killer hill (only walking a few particularly steep steps near the top), and then realized just how hilly this run would be. Down into the Presidio, left towards the residential area, down some more, around a loop, back uphill, and uphill, and uphill.

To keep my mind off the hills, I focused on steadying my breathing; on my previous runs, I seemed to get out of breath, get panicky, and have a difficult time recovering. That went okay, so on to focusing on form and the chi running drills, interspersed with regular running. Then down a big long hill by the golf course and back up–without stopping or walking! Back down Arguello, I was able to push my pace harder, and so I think I’m going to try to end each run by sprinting (or as close as my body will allow me to get) for the last two minutes.

So all in all, not an unmitigated disaster: I basically did a negative split, which is how I should be practicing. I found some energy to push it out towards the end. I learned to steady my breathing a bit. But I still really need to get my speed up. I think I also need to get sport orthodics…

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