Cell Phone Cozies

12 Jul

Chad makes fun of my cell phone cozy, but I find it indispensible. For starters, had I sewn the button on it right away, my cell phone wouldn’t have slipped out and gotten the gigantic scratch it now has on it.

So as I was trying to come up with some more fundraising ideas for my triathlon, I thought maybe I’ll knit up a bunch of cell phone cozies with the extra yarn I have from the scarves I made last year.

I now have about three made and started in on a sunglass cozy. I’m not sure yet if I have to sell them, but they’re so easy to do (I did one in an hour, which is lightning fast for me). I’m trying to find some other cool projects to knit or sew up as a possible fundraiser. If anyone has any ideas, please leave them as comments.

In other news, inspired by my knitting conversation with Erika (we both saw cute ponchos in Macy’s and want to make ones for ourselves), I tried to find a poncho pattern at Dharma today, but to no avail. Knitty doesn’t have one I like, either. What’s a girl to do?

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