Swimming in the Bay stinks

31 Jul

I mean literally, not figuratively. I just washed out my wetsuit and bathing suit from our 1 mile open water swim, and boy, did they smell bad.

The swim, on the other hand, wasn’t bad at all. In fact, compared to last time, it was an absolute breeze. Coach April told us to get in the water and warm up for 5 minutes beforehand, so I swam around a little bit. We were going to do a race start–running into the water off of the beach–but the tide was low and April decided it was too rocky. So we started from the water, which gave me a taste of what swimming in a big ol’ pack is going to be like. Legs, arms, wetsuits, red and yellow caps everywhere… Sighting was almost impossible until we got a little ways into the swim and people started to go at their own pace. This time I tried sighting for the next buoy, rather than the end of the lap, to prevent me from adding on an extra mile or so with my zigzag swimming. It helped, although I definitely wasn’t going straight.

Breathing was a lot easier, too. I resolved myself to the fact that I was going to be drinking some salt water and just dealt with that. Heading toward the Dolphin Club, I tried to focus on my form and got some good stretches in, rolling nicely side to side. By the time I rounded the buoy for the final 1/4 of my last lap, I couldn’t believe it! I did it!

My friend Miller (she has the coolest name) placed second (of the wetsuit-wearers) in the 1/2-mile Lake Del Valle swim last weekend. That competition was our practice for last Sat., but I missed it since I was in Nashville. Go Miller!

Tomorrow, Chad and I are going on a 50-mile (!) bike ride with our hard core friends Ben and Tiffany. I hope I’m ambulatory for the jam at my house afterwards.

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