Good news and bad news

7 Aug

First the good news:

  • The gig is on! I’ll make a separate post about that, though.
  • At Wednesday’s workout, I ran 1 mile in 8 minutes and, after a short break, a second mile in 7:50! Thanks for running with me, Holly!
  • Patti’s white blood cell count is even and has stayed even through her past few checkups! Hooray for Patti!

Now the bad news:
As of Tuesday, A. was still in the hospital. I mentioned before about how A. had lymphoma a few years ago, went through chemo and a bone marrow transplant, and was in remission. Well, a few months ago, she started having problems with her lungs; fluid was collecting around her lungs, making it really difficult for her to breathe. They thought that once they discovered that the lymphoma came back, the treatment for that would help stop the fluid from collecting. It slowed it, but didn’t stop it, so she went into the hospital the day of my guitar lesson last week.

My teacher was really hopeful that this process they were going to be doing (inserting a chest tube, draining the liquid from around her lungs, then inserting something that would make her lungs stick to the lining around them) would solve the problem and that A. would only be in the hospital a few days. When Erika had her lesson last week, A. was still in the hospital, and the process hadn’t completely solved the problem. They were going to try the whole procedure again.

So please keep A. in your thoughts and if you pray, your prayers. She’s someone who’s very near and dear to many of our hearts, and I really hope she gets better. She’s been through so much, medically speaking, these past few years.

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