I’ve met my fundraising goal

20 Aug

Hooray! We just counted the money from the benefit concert tonight, and (with the help of the rest of my band, the Barefoot Nellies, and our pals, Homespun Rowdy) raised $777 towards my fundraising goal. Together with two recent donations that I have to submit, that puts me over my goal! Hooray!

It especially makes me happy because we’re pretty worried about A. Erika and I are going over their house this weekend to help with grocery shopping and cleaning. Both A. and my guitar teacher are just so exhausted lately; I’m so glad we can finally do something to help them out.

By the way, I’ve had to turn off comments because some idiot who calls himself gigig@gigig.com keeps posting dirty comments to my site. Thanks, pal. I’m training for a triathlon to raise money to keep my friends alive and you’re posting horrible comments in order to increase your rating in Google. I know times are hard, but come on. Have you no sense of decency? Please leave me and my site alone.

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