Gardening for my honoree!

25 Aug

My friend Erika and I went over our guitar teacher’s house on Sunday to help him and his wife, A., with some things. After drinking some great homemade cappuccino courtesy of our teacher (banjo player, guitar player, barista, who knew?), eating some chocolate from Switzerland, and chatting a while, A. said she’d like us to help out with the garden: trim the irises to 6 inches, pull out the nasturtium in the front, and remove the seeds from the ends of the grasses she has planted in the front. No problem, we thought!

Three hours later, we had trimmed the irises, pulled out the nasturtium, and were about halfway done with the grasses. Erika filled four brown grocery bags of seeds, and I was pulling the seeds out of the mulch. It was pretty fun, actually, being out in the sun all day, doing something easy and slow. And I know how much A. cares about her garden, so I was so glad I could help out. I need to go back and finish, though…

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