I like running?

25 Aug

Man, I’ve had the worst couple of weeks at work. We’re working on the issue from hell, and every day for the past two weeks, I’ve been wanting to get home and work out but something gets in the way. Today, I left work early for my guitar lesson, then got home around 6:45. It was gray and foggy outside–so foggy that drops of water were falling down. It was exactly the kind of weather that I never would have exercised in three months ago. As I tied up my shoes, I thought for a second about going to the gym and running on the treadmill, but quickly put that idea out of my head. I wanted to be outside.

I decided to jog for about an hour, and once I got going, it just felt so good. It was exactly what I needed to do, to pound out all the frustration from work with my feet hitting the pavement, to feel free, and as a marked contrast from work lately, to not be held up by other people.

After about a mile, I passed a bunch of teenagers trying to be punks. They started fake cheering for me and one stuck out his hand for me to slap. I slapped it and then started laughing and cheering me on for real. It felt awesome.

I felt so strong–I felt like my friend Jen Lynch who was always a really good runner. In one delusional moment, I thought I could maybe keep up with her (she’s been doing soccer for almost 25 years straight now–she’s in really good shape).

I ran past the geese in the duck pond (they didn’t even move when I ran through them), past the bison, and down to the part where I turned around at my last long run. I had to walk twice on the way back due to a cramp in my side from the Clif bar I gobbled before I left and my legs starting to feel like lead. But even so, I still did the whole thing in about 50 minutes, I think.

I’m psyched! And it completely turned around my week.

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