12 Sep

I’ll post more details later, but here are the results! (Click on results, then woman 30-39, then #51–me! Look at how slow my transition times were!)

I finished the run in less than an hour. Man, Gillian will have no problem with that if I can do it!

Class rank: 53
Overall rannk: 607
Sex rank: 201
Name: Nicole Solis
Final: 03:22:03
Swim time: 00:38:00
T1: 00:05:52
Bike timeL 01:34:51
T2: 00:06:03
Run time: 00:57:17
Swim rank: 566
Swim min/km: 00:25:20
Bike rank: 717
Bike MPH: 15.6
Run rank: 524
Run min/mile: 00:09:14
Bib #: 839
Class: F30-34

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