“Crate and Barrel” pillows

2 Nov

Now that my triathlon is over, and I’ve completely ignored my goal of staying in shape post-tri, I’ve actually had some time to do things I’d been putting off, like millions of craft projects and spending time with C.

One of the first things I did was bang two more of my Crate and Barrel type pillows out, in black and khaki. I had cut them out and sewn them ages ago, but I needed to get foam and finish them up. I still need to attach the buttons, but they’re 99% done.


When I made the maroon one, I used 4″ millinery needles to get the thread through the foam. Oh, and C. squished the cushion together so the needle wouldn’t get lost in the middle of the cusion. It was kind of a hassle.

I’d like to make more out of ticking, and instead of using buttons, maybe just some thread to make them look like little mattresses. That’s what appealed to me about the first Crate and Barrel ones.

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