Results are coming in…

2 Nov

When I picked up my laundry today (yes, I send my laundry out. It works out to be $1-2 more. Go figure.), the laundry lady said, “Oh, I’m glad you came early. I’m closing in a half hour so I can go vote. We have to get a new president.”

So, since I’m too nervous to watch the results coming in, I thought I’d do a quick status update on my projects.
Crate and Barrel floor cusions: 99% done. I still need to attach the buttons, though.
Nakiska: Done! And once I got the handle of it, it was actually pretty easy.
Eve: Done!
Skirts: I finished the teal skirt, rehemmed the pink and black skirt, and need to hem a pink tweed skirt.
Guitar cake: Check out the full details below.

Man, it’s so nice to have some free time.

Next on the list:
Brown gabardine pants. I’m taking a class through Muse workshop, this Sunday and next Sunday. We’re making bootcut pants from Vogue pattern 7301. It should be pretty cool.

Pink tweed jacket. Yep, now that I finished my first two lined skirts, I’m going to try to make a suit jacket from Simplicity 4954, with fringed edges to match the hem I’m going to put on my skirt.

Some sort of Christmas gifts for people. Stay tuned.

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