Knitting and Politics

22 Nov

This post on Craftster talks about the Yahoo group, Knitting for Kerry. I couldn’t find the group on Yahoo’s site (please post a comment if you have information about it), but I did find the link to the Knitty article about Knitters Against Bush. You can check out the website for yourself at

Now, why is it OK for me to post about “Knitters Against Bush” when that could be considered “negative”? Well, if these knitters were designing sweaters that said, “George W. Bush is a ninny” or something that attacks the person rather than the addresses the issues, they wouldn’t get on my site. But since they’re focusing on the issue of choice and women’s rights, it’s just a clever name that avoids the requirements that are legally forced on poltical organizations (for example, only certain types of non-profits or not-for-profits can advocate voting for a particular candidate). Of course, I’m basing that information on Samantha Bee’s awesome 527 segment on The Daily Show, and yes, I do realize fake news shows aren’t the most reliable source of factual information, but hey, it’s probably more reliable source than Fox News.

There’s another article from the fall 2004 issue about knitting for charity that folks might find interesting.


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