Baby Uggs and Alpha Hats

29 Nov

Oh man, after reading the discussion on Craftster, I thought these were the cutest darn things, so over the weekend, as I was knitting up a storm (in the storm), I knitted three. Yes, I know, you only need two for a pair, but I’m making them for Prentice and either her sister Cameron or my friend Simone (who’s having twins). It just depends on how many pairs I can get out of the yarn I bought.

I wanted to take a picture of them on Chris’s porch, when it was covered in snow Saturday morning, but alas, I forgot. Here’s one taken on our kitchen table:

I also knitted up Alpha, the hat from Rowan’s Ribbon Twist Collection, in the same brown that I used for the Ebony shawl. I thought the earflaps would come out differently, but maybe the girl in the picture has a longer face than I do or maybe I just read the pattern wrong. I think it’s pretty cute, but it’s a bit goofy, too.

I love Rowan patterns. I want a subscription for Christmas. That free frilly poncho pattern is too cute.

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