29 Nov

I’ve decided this blog is my general “jock Nicole” blog.

Chad and I went snowboarding up in Tahoe this weekend, breaking in our Heavenly passes. The first day, Thanksgiving, was horrible–the snow was fine, but I had so much trouble getting my legs to remember what to do. We were going to play it by ear to see if we wanted to ride/ski again on Sunday before heading back to the city, and on Saturday, there was a huge blizzard. So of course we had to go. After a few runs, I felt like I was back to normal! Hooray!

Wildflower registration opens December 1. I’m still not sure what to do. Chad suggested I focus on my soon-to-be new job and music before committing to another tri. It’s a smart idea, but then again, I like the idea of having another goal. Maybe I’ll sign up for the sprint distance.

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