Feria Urbana

18 Dec

I love Feria Urbana. Although sometimes I go and think, “I could make that for so much cheaper,” it’s always cool to see people who are out there who are creative enough to come up with the ideas, execute them, and put themselves out there to sell them. Chad and I went today to see if we could find something for his sister.

We saw Colleen Keenan’s cool pocketbooks (er–handbags, as soon as I said, “pocketbooks,” Colleen asked if I was from the East Coast). They were made of vintage tapestry fabric and were really nicely done. They had the magnetic clasps of professional bags, the metal feet, labels on the front, and the designs and fabrics were really cool. But the execution of her designs was really top notch, and considering that, the prices were really reasonable. So often, I see handbags there that are nicely designed, but the execution is still a little amateur. Colleen’s bags were really well done, very professional.

Lotta Jansdotter had some gorgeous textiles–very clean designs printed on a coarse linen as well as some paper products and ceramics. I was tempted by her 2005 calendar.

Jill Bliss had these great wallets made out of old sheets. At first I thought the fabric was a little too flimsy, but then I realized you can just toss them in the wash if they get dirty! A negative becomes a positive!

There was also some nice jewelry there, but nothing as cool as the Maya Kini Organix necklaces and earrings. I so loved the radish one.

We didn’t buy anything, but I’m considering saving up for one of the small-ish Colleen Keenan bags (the one I want isn’t on her site), at least until I can find a Kelly-style bag that doesn’t look too fake.

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