Homemade Hooch

18 Dec

I almost gave up the idea of making kahlua for Christmas gifts this year because I didn’t get around to doing my test run. Once I actually started on it, I realized just how darn easy it is.

I based my recipe on one from Ready Made magazine, with a few changes:
1/2 cup ground coffee beans (Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend)
2 Tsp. espresso (also Peet’s, Espresso Forte)
2 cups water
4 cups sugar (we ran out of white sugar, so I used 3.5 cups light brown sugar and .5 cup white)
3 Tsp. Trader Joe’s vanilla paste (really just goopy vanilla extract)
2.5 cups vodka

I brewed the coffee in our French press (next time, I’ll let it steep a bit longer than normal–maybe up to a half hour). Then I poured the coffee into a pot with the sugar and vanilla and boiled the mixture until all the sugar dissolved (Ready Made said it would take about an hour; I found it took about 20 minutes). Once the coffee-vanilla-simple syrup mixture cooled, I poured it into a bottle with the vodka and shook it around.

I bought a case of 375 ml. clear bottles and 12 T-corks today at San Francisco Brewcraft, which, for the record, was a pretty trippy place. From the amount I made, I filled 3.5 bottles.

I’m going to try it this weekend to see how it tastes. It should be too sweet right now (apparently the sweetness dies down after a few weeks), but I want to make sure the vanilla isn’t too overwhelming.

Once I make a label for the bottles, I’ll post a photo.

By the way, if you’re thinking of trying this yourself, All Recipes.com has a pretty informative article on making your own hooch.

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