What to do with your Xmas money

30 Dec

When I was home in NJ for Christmas, my mom and I went to see my sister Lisa’s shop, Crazy Eye, on 9th St. in Philadelphia across Passyunk (I think) from the Italian Market. She sells all locally-made or -designed T-shirts, handbags (her own and others’), scarves, and other odds and ends. It’s pretty cool. Say hello to Nutter, the shop dog for me. It’s open Friday through Sunday.

Lisa sells some of the glasses, mirror compacts, coasters, and other items made by my cousin Pat’s company, Lazy Susan. I bought the “Mirror, mirror… Oh, forget it, I know I look good” cameo compact from Lisa’s store. I’m thinking of getting some of the glasses, too. Once I saw the Lazy Susan catalog, I realized that I had seen their products all over the place and coveted many of them (especially the lace dresses glasses. I LOVE them). You can find them at all sorts of stores including Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, as well as on the Web.

I guess we’re a pretty creative family.

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