After-Christmas Sales

1 Jan

Everyone talks about the good deals to be had at after-Christmas sales, but let me reveal to everyone who has never worked in retail just why they are so good: returns.

See, lots of people (sadly, not me) start buying Christmas presents in September and October–and even earlier. They give the gift in December and it doesn’t fit, the recipient doesn’t like it, or for some other reason, it ends up being returned. Of course, in the three or four months since the original purchase, the item has been reduced in price three or four times, so you can pick up that item you thought was overpriced in September or October at a super cheap price. Also, you have the best selection of items in months, maybe not in size, but in style.

I love after-Christmas sales. I just picked up a pair of $128 Banana Republic shoes for $35, $60 black casual BR pants for $42, and $50 Gap cords for $25 (I love the modern fit there). Also, a few things I purchased right after Christmas have already been reduced again (thank heavens for price adjustments! I’m bringing my receipts back to the stores).

I think I’m going to make another new year’s resolution to save up a lot of money to spend in next year’s after-Christmas sales.

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