New Year’s Resolutions

2 Jan

Here are my fitness resolutions for 2005:
– workout at least 3x/week, sign up for personal training session
– become solid blue snowboarder by end of 2004-2005 season (and ride the blue route down the California face at Heavenly)
– run Nike half-marathon in October or do Treasure Island Tri in Nov., do organized bike rides and 5k/10k runs throughout the year

It’s been pouring nonstop since I came back to San Francisco on Wed., but I swore I was going to inaugurate my new fitness regimen by going for a run on January 1. I was all geared up to run in the rain, but looking out the window… Fortunately, Chad and I got out during one of the intermittent breaks of sun. We ran into the park together, then split off. He went left at JFK, back around to Stanyan, then up to Turk and home. I went right, taking my usual route.

This time, I’ve decided I’m going to try the positive self-talk right from the beginning. “Money in the bank, Solis, money in the bank.” That’s my new mantra. And I’m going to work on breathing, which was really a struggle before (in general, I think I need to breathe better. More deeply or something). I really appreciated my new running tights (I also wore my new running jacket, but it was a little too warm for that). My muscles didn’t feel as tight as when I would run in cold, damp weather in just shorts. And I ended up doing about 2.5 miles in about 30 minutes. Not too shabby, considering I haven’t run in ages.

I’ve scheduled my workouts on my calendar (which I have on my iPod). I really, really want to keep them up. In order to do everything I need to do for work this year, I need to exercise so I have a clear mind and lots of energy. Plus, we’re going skiing next weekend, and I’ll need all the strength I can muster to stay afloat in all this new powder we’re getting.

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