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Too Much to Do

31 Mar

I haven’t had time to go to Dharma and get help with seaming up all the items I need help with, which are (for the record):

  • Chad’s cap
  • Prentice’s baby sweater (well, Owen’s sweater, but Prentice’s baby)
  • Three cell-phone cozies
  • The Freda poncho I’ve barely started on but will need to seam up

Work is killing me. I want to do Bay to Breakers with Erika in May (Team in Training is letting people run for them if we just raise $200), but I haven’t had time to train because I’ve been working so much. I’m just wrapping up another three-hour evening on the blueprint for Play Guitar!. It’s fun but draining, and I feel like I don’t have the time now to devote to anything. Especially not this road bike ride Chad and I are supposed to do next weekend!

And that half-finished handbag and unhemmed skirt from last year (I hemmed the pink tweed skirt, but not the lining) stare at me every time I go into our dining room. Maybe I can finish it up this weekend…


The Bens

26 Mar

Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, and Ben Lee got together one day to make an EP. They called themselves the Bens. You can buy it on iTunes, and you should think about doing so, because the Ben Folds song and the Ben Kweller songs are pretty good.

Speaking of Ben Folds, if you have the chance to see him live, do it. He’s one of the few modern musicians who really are showmen–who invite the audience in to enjoy and participate in the experience. And he does some sweet cover versions (see my “Under the Covers Part 2” iMix on iTunes. Someday I’ll add some more. (Actually, I had Ike and Tina Turner’s “Come Together” on there, but it’s not on iTunes so they didn’t post it.)

Blog anxiety

26 Mar

Chad and I are up in Tahoe visiting Chris, skiing/snowboarding, drinking wine, and, for me, trying to do some work. Chris is obsessed with blogs. He’s determined to become a B-list blogger. All this talk made me a little self-conscious about my blog, so I Googled “seamripper” to see if anyone mentioned my blog.

Not only does no one mention my blog, but there’s another seamripper blog! I feel like I’m at the prom and a more popular girl has the same dress on as me. She has some really cool stuff on her site.

King Solomon

23 Mar

Chad and I saw Solomon Burke at the Palace of Fine Arts on Friday. What an amazing show. He had a killer, killer band, and especially for someone who’s 60-something, has fathered 21 children, and weighs more than I can imagine, he is an amazing showman. People of that era knew how to entertain. They knew how to work a crowd, to make them feel good. And they knew how to sing. I wish more entertainers these days were like that.

It IS My Bag, Baby

23 Mar



As I was home Monday, waiting for the baby sweater to finish blocking, I decided to start up an old project. I got this great pink and black material at Kweejibo on Haight, back when they were selling fabric remnants. I made a skirt out of it and wanted to make a jacket, but I didn’t have enough left over and they didn’t have any more when I went back. (The picture on the left shows the real color.)

So a few months ago, I decided to make a bag, using Vogue 7328. I pinned the pattern to the fabric and cut out the interfacing a few months ago, but I haven’t had time to pull out my sewing machine since.

So far, it’s been pretty easy to sew, and the fabric isn’t fraying as much as it did on my skirt. I messed up the zipper a bit, but by then, I just wanted to see what the finished product looked like, so I left it. I just have to finish the strap and sew the lining and I’m done!

I think it would be cool to widen the handbag and make it a knitting needle and project holder!

Ripping Out

21 Mar

Since I have to do this so frequently (now you see why I named my blog “seam ripper”), and I always forget exactly how to use the handy technique By Theresa Vinson Stenersen describes in this article, I thought I’d post it to my blog.

The baby sweater is blocking as I write this. Hooray! I used a ripping technique in the Reader’s Digest Guide to Needlework (what a great reference this is, and if I ever like 1970s fashions, I’ll have a million patterns ready to use), but I like the “no dropped stitches” element of Theresa’s approach.

A Break in the Storm

19 Mar

Work is finally settling down somewhat (and my job is allegedly changing again so that I’ll be less busy, but I’ll believe that when I see it), and I finally got a chance to work on the baby sweater for Prentice. It took me a while to rip back to where I added the extra stitch at the beginning of an arm row, mostly because I just couldn’t bear to do it.

Once I got back to where I started, the arms went really quickly. I bound off the neck (adding the second skein of yarn to knit the other side) and even started the buttonholes, which, of course, I started to put on the wrong side. I decided to leave that mistake in. So far, I’ve bound off the front sides of the sleeves. This weekend is supposed to be rainy and I’m taking Monday off, so I hope I can finish this project up and get started on a couple of other things.