A Break in the Storm

19 Mar

Work is finally settling down somewhat (and my job is allegedly changing again so that I’ll be less busy, but I’ll believe that when I see it), and I finally got a chance to work on the baby sweater for Prentice. It took me a while to rip back to where I added the extra stitch at the beginning of an arm row, mostly because I just couldn’t bear to do it.

Once I got back to where I started, the arms went really quickly. I bound off the neck (adding the second skein of yarn to knit the other side) and even started the buttonholes, which, of course, I started to put on the wrong side. I decided to leave that mistake in. So far, I’ve bound off the front sides of the sleeves. This weekend is supposed to be rainy and I’m taking Monday off, so I hope I can finish this project up and get started on a couple of other things.


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