Too Much to Do

31 Mar

I haven’t had time to go to Dharma and get help with seaming up all the items I need help with, which are (for the record):

  • Chad’s cap
  • Prentice’s baby sweater (well, Owen’s sweater, but Prentice’s baby)
  • Three cell-phone cozies
  • The Freda poncho I’ve barely started on but will need to seam up

Work is killing me. I want to do Bay to Breakers with Erika in May (Team in Training is letting people run for them if we just raise $200), but I haven’t had time to train because I’ve been working so much. I’m just wrapping up another three-hour evening on the blueprint for Play Guitar!. It’s fun but draining, and I feel like I don’t have the time now to devote to anything. Especially not this road bike ride Chad and I are supposed to do next weekend!

And that half-finished handbag and unhemmed skirt from last year (I hemmed the pink tweed skirt, but not the lining) stare at me every time I go into our dining room. Maybe I can finish it up this weekend…

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