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Hayes St. Hill

27 Apr

I walked up half of Hayes St. Hill (Octavia to Fillmore) on Saturday. It’s going to be tough…

Yarn Shopping

24 Apr

Yesterday, after brunch with Bessie at Miss Millie’s in Noe Valley (I highly recommend the gingerbread waffles, although the vanilla creme fraiche was a little overwhelming yesterday), I went to a few different yarn shops, looking for one more skein of Rowan Ribbon Twist in red in something near my dye lot for Jilly (below). I also wanted to check out the yarn required for Toledo, from Rowan 37, my next project after the Hourglass sweater (which is my next project after the leg warmers).



Going from yarn shop to yarn shop ended up being a nice way to organize a fun little urban adventure. Bessie and I went to ImagiKnit, and after she left, I walked over to Valencia, looked at some furniture shops, found the Hobo International handbag I covet in Therapy for the same price Rabat sells it for, strolled over towards Hayes Valley and Urban Knitting Studio, which is run by the most helpful people on the planet, I swear. Knitting store owners and employees seem particularly helpful, but I really love patronizing this shop because they really go out of their way to help out. Since they didn’t have the yarn I “needed,” I bought a pair of those fold-up snips to stow in my knitting bag.

Then up Hayes St. Hill (which I will be running up in Bay to Breakers, to the Fillmore bus to Greenwich Yarns in Cow Hollow. They had the Rowan Linen Print that Helen (I think) at Urban Knitting Studio told me was being discontinued. I bought a skein of that and a skein of the red Rowan Ribbon Twist.

Here’s what else I discovered:

  • The All-Seasons Cotton that I’ll need for Toledo sells at SF shops for about $9.75. I’ll probably try to find it online.
  • Kidsilk Haze goes for between $10 and $13.
  • I got an amazing deal on my eBay Ribbon Twist: each set of 2 skeins cost between $9.50 and $10.50. The one skein I bought yesterday was about $13. Dharma sells Ribbon Twist for a dollar or two less.
  • Cascade 220, which Urban Knitting Studio stocks, seems like it will be soft enough for my Hourglass Sweater. Although the shipping was delayed, I just signed up for the knitalong.

Like Sands in an Hourglass…

18 Apr

I’m breaking a cardinal rule: I just ordered yarn for a project when I haven’t finished the project I’m working on. I’m going to make the Hourglass sweater from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts in Cascade 220 in Garnet. I hope it’s dark, like the photo on Purl’s site and not light like the photo on the Webs site, where I bought the yarn. We’ll see… Either way, the yarn will be less than $30, so if it doesn’t turn out so great, I won’t feel I’ve wasted too much money.

Hats Off

17 Apr

I finished the hat for baby Owen. I used the Children’s Cotton Hats pattern from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, by Joelle Hoverson, and some of the rest of the royal blue Cascade Cherub Collection Aran left over from the sweater.



It was a really easy pattern, and true to it’s time designation in the book (two- to four-hour gifts), I finished it in basically two lunch hours, plus some more time for the I-cord. The I-cord did give me a little bit of trouble, but it was my first one.

Now I just have to send them off to the proud new parents!

So far, I have to say, I love this book. I’m almost done the first of the Super-Easy Leg Warmers. I think I’m going to make them either 22″ or 24″ long instead of 26″, which is what the pattern says. I’m not tall enough for 26″ leg warmers. I almost can’t wait until the cold weather comes back!

Bay to Breakers

17 Apr

I’m running Bay to Breakers. Well, I’m running at least part of it. The last half should be a cinch–basically the same run I normally do. Hayes St. Hill, well, that’s a different story. An 11 percent grade in the middle of a 7.46 mile run.

And I’m raising some money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society again. I have to raise $200 to enter, I set a goal on the website of $300, and if I raise $500, I get a massage at the end of the race. So, if you’ve got $20 to spare (or more or less), please make a contribution on my fundraising website.

By the way, I’m going to incorporate this blog into my main Seamripper blog, so after this race, if you want to be informed about my athletic adventures, come check that site out.

I’m doing Bay to Breakers!

17 Apr

I’m running (well, running and walking) Bay to Breakers on May 15. Yikes! For those non-San Franciscans who read this blog, Bay to Breakers is a crazy race/free-for-all. The Kenyans and other serious running run the 7.46 miles (including a hill with an 11 percent grade) fast, then trotting along behind are people in Elvis suits, naked runners (no, that won’t be me), and people pulling kegs on trolleys.

My distance runs have been getting up towards the 5.5-6 mile mark. I’m heading out for another distance run today, but I’ll need to start doing hill repeats really soon. I’m just doing this for fun, and to help raise some money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but I don’t want to embarrass myself!

Help me reach my goal by donating at:

Spinning My Wheels

10 Apr

Chad and I did the Tierra Bella 60K ride yesterday down in Gilroy. Since the start time was anytime between 8 and 9 am, Chad booked us a hotel room in Gilroy, about 5 minutes away from Gavilan College, where the ride started and ended. It was so nice being able to get up at 6:45 instead of having to leave our house at about 6 to get down there in time.

The route was absolutely beautiful. California is gorgeous this time of year: the verdant hills have a few months before they turn the thirsty brown from the summer heat, the sky is a clear blue with perfect white clouds. Much of the ride was along a reservoir, which brought some very chilly winds, but the scenery made the ride so much easier. Riding in a beautiful place gives you something to take your mind off your legs as you’re climbing.

The first third had a fair bit of climbing and was a big trafficky, but the second third was wide open and went really fast. I couldn’t believe how quickly we got to the second rest stop. I also couldn’t believe how yummy the PB&Js on cinnamon-raisin bread were. Who would have guessed? The last 12 miles had a few more turns and some more traffic, although it was mostly residential.

I took a sheet with the 100k route in case Chad and I ever want to make it down there for another ride. It was a great reintroduction to biking this season and spurred me on to dream of doing another tri, a half-marathon, a metric century ride. It also made me realize how much I don’t like biking in San Francisco. It looks like Chad and I will be heading out of the city a bit more to ride this season.