Things I Covet

3 Apr

Since I can’t afford to buy them right now, I might as well blog about them.
– any flower pin from Supermaggie. The Lariats are pretty cool, too.
– a fruit stripe Laurie Weber belt. I love the buckles she uses.
– a Miele Fresca/Lilywear t-shirt. I so love my flower people one.
– a Colleen Keenan handbag (sadly, her site is down as of when I posted this message).
– a Maya Kini organix beet or watermelon daikon necklace.
– a Terry “Ride Like a Girl” cap and commuter skort (for the day when I finally am able to ride the 30+ miles home from work).

I envy all the gals on this Craftster discussion about their projects from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, which was apparently the iPod of the knitting world last Christmas. I drooled over that book for days when Jen first gave it to me. Maybe I’ll set aside the Freda poncho since I’m, er, having trouble with the pattern anyway, and work on the hourglass sweater.

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