Spinning My Wheels

10 Apr

Chad and I did the Tierra Bella 60K ride yesterday down in Gilroy. Since the start time was anytime between 8 and 9 am, Chad booked us a hotel room in Gilroy, about 5 minutes away from Gavilan College, where the ride started and ended. It was so nice being able to get up at 6:45 instead of having to leave our house at about 6 to get down there in time.

The route was absolutely beautiful. California is gorgeous this time of year: the verdant hills have a few months before they turn the thirsty brown from the summer heat, the sky is a clear blue with perfect white clouds. Much of the ride was along a reservoir, which brought some very chilly winds, but the scenery made the ride so much easier. Riding in a beautiful place gives you something to take your mind off your legs as you’re climbing.

The first third had a fair bit of climbing and was a big trafficky, but the second third was wide open and went really fast. I couldn’t believe how quickly we got to the second rest stop. I also couldn’t believe how yummy the PB&Js on cinnamon-raisin bread were. Who would have guessed? The last 12 miles had a few more turns and some more traffic, although it was mostly residential.

I took a sheet with the 100k route in case Chad and I ever want to make it down there for another ride. It was a great reintroduction to biking this season and spurred me on to dream of doing another tri, a half-marathon, a metric century ride. It also made me realize how much I don’t like biking in San Francisco. It looks like Chad and I will be heading out of the city a bit more to ride this season.

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