Hell in a Handbag

1 May

Sometimes I wonder why I keep this blog–is it to make public my craft disasters? The latest casualty is my pink-and-black handbag, the first part of which went together lightning quick. I was confused by the directions for putting together the lining, and although I kept checking and rechecking the pattern instructions, I had a sinking feeling that I hadn’t done it correctly. Well, that’s because I hadn’t. When I sewed the inside to the outside and flipped it right side out, the interfacing went down inside the bag, the zipper floated about an inch or two below the top of the bag, and the lining didn’t reach the bottom. Oops.

I took out my trusty seam ripper, took out the seam that attached the inside to the outside, and am going to try again. I think I know what to do this time. I hope.

Here’s where it stands:

I did finish my awesome leg warmers (a woman at the dentist’s office on Thursday made a Flashdance comment–“But I heard they’re coming back in style,” she insisted). I’ll post photos soon.

I can’t wait for my Cascade 220 to come so I can start the Hourglass sweater. I don’t want to start any new knitting projects until I start on that one.

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