My First Grown-Up Sweater

14 May

The hourglass sweater is going pretty well so far. I’m almost at the third decrease row and almost need to ball up another hank of yarn (that sounds like something a cowboy would do). It’s knitting up quicker than I thought, but unfortunately, I’ve been swamped at work (as usual) and so my lunchtime knitting time has been replaced with a few rows on the bus on the weekends, a few rows before I go to bed, and a few rows otherwise here and there. I’m so excited for this project, though.


The color is closer to this:

I also bought some leather to make myself a day planner type thing. The leather is a burgundy color, and I think I’m going to use thick black thread to sew it up so that it somewhat matches my pink and black purse, which I will finish some one of these days.

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