31 May

Chad and I got back from Mendocino on Monday. It was awesome. The weather was perfect–I wish I had brought my shorts. We went running on Saturday along the water, then later on we went back and Chad took some great photos. It’s so pretty up there. We went wine tasting, to Handley, Husch, Christine Woods, Lazy Creek, and Roederer. Hadley and Husch both had some nice wines. Christine Woods was run by a funny old couple who got into an argument that started off a bit charming and then got a little mean.

Lazy Creek is great. Chad and I went there the last time we were in Mendocino and bought a bottle of the Gewurztraminer (we’re also taking a wine tasting class next weekend, so I hope I’ll at least learn how to spell that) that was delicious. We tried the Gewurz, a rose (the first rose I could ever imagine myself drinking), their pinot table wine (delish), and another pinot noir (also great).

If you ever have the chance, check out Lazy Creek. It’s up a really windy dirt road, but it’s well worth the trip. The family who runs it is really nice, and Josh, the guy who will likely be in the tasting room, is also the winemaker. And say hi to Pokey the dog and the black sheep!

[I also made some awesome progress on my Hourglass sweater!]

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