Babes in Arms

12 Jun

I started the first arm of my Hourglass sweater yesterday while procrastinating going for a run (I ran today, so I don’t feel super guilty). The sleeve opening looked huge, so I tried it on, and it seemed to have about the same relative sleeve-to-wrist ratio as the one in the photo. We’ll see.

I’ve been so encouraged by this project that I ordered yarn for two more projects. Hike, from Rowan 37, for Chad in an awesome brown, and Toledo, the sleeveless sweater I posted a photo of a while ago.

But this weekend, my project has been stuffing my iPod full of all my bluegrass CDs (and a few others) so I have lots of music to listen to on my way up to mandolin camp at Grass Valley! I can’t wait. It seriously looked like I wasn’t going to be able to go last week, with all the craziness at work, so I’m so, so grateful that I can go. I need a vacation so badly.

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