Tomato Tart, MSL July

26 Jun

Between the bluegrass festival (which was great, but rainy) last week and my folks being in town this weekend, I haven’t had much time to knit. However, I did cook quite a bit today.

I swear, that Martha Stewart is a wonder to behold. Thanks, Martha, for the great tomato tart recipe in this month’s issue of Martha Stewart Living. My folks and I went down to the Ferry Building farmers’ market yesterday, and I picked up some pecorino from Cowgirl Creamery (I can’t remember what kind of pecorino now–it began with a “g”). After searching around for the best prices on heirlooms, I settled on some for $3.25/lb. that, in retrospect, were a little overripe. I also picked up three different kinds of garlic.

Most of my grocery shopping done, my folks and I sat down at Hog Island Oysters for a half-dozen of the bar mix (2 Pacific, 2 Atlantic[?], and 2 sea oysters) and 4 baked oysters in beurre blanc. All were delicious. The obligatory trip to Fisherman’s Wharf on the trolley followed.

Today, I whipped the ingredients up into the tomato tart from Martha’s column in the new Living. I must say, I don’t have the best luck with crusts, but the pate brisee was surprisingly easy to put together. I used our mini Cuisinart and had to make it in three batches, but it turned out great–nice and flaky and buttery. In fact, maybe a tad too buttery.

The whole thing was very, very easy to put together and tasted really good, if I do say so myself. I made it in an 11″ tart pan, and it was plenty for four people with leftovers for Chad and me to each take some in for lunch.

I’d definitely make it again, but next time, I’d roast a bigger head of garlic and use firmer tomatoes. I wanted to make sure I used ones that were ripe, but they were so juicy that they soaked the crust a bit.

I whipped up a salad of mixed greens, dried raspberries, pears, pecans, and blue cheese with an improvised honey-balsamic vinagrette to serve along with it, and that was plenty of food. But of course, I had snacks and dessert, too.

Chad opened up the bottle of 2000 Van der Heyden unoaked chardonnay that I bought ages ago. Although we drank most of it before dinner, I think it would have been a good compliment to the food. At dinner, we opened up a bottle of Big House Pink, which was nice with the tomatoes. I never thought I would actually like rose wines, but the Big House Pink (which we had in the wine tasting class) and the two we had in Mendocino–the Roederer sparkling rose and the Lazy Creek rose–are all conspiring to change my mind. They are tasty with food.

I hope to get back on track, craft-wise, soon.


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  1. Dani June 27, 2005 at 1:07 pm #

    Oh yum tomatoes! And a bluegrass festival! Lucky you! Can’t wait to see your hourglass!

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