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Getting the Yoke

26 Jul

I tried to think of a better pun, but I couldn’t. It’s late, I’m tired. So there.

I knitted up the second sleeve of my Hourglass sweater on the plane to Indianapolis last week, then attached it to the rest of the sweater the first night, then knitted up about half the yoke on the flight back. I’m hoping to finish it up this weekend or so. I’ll post photos then. Hooray!


I’m a ninny

16 Jul

I just realized the other day that the Hourglass Knit-a-long button on this page never actually linked to anything. Oops. I fixed it now, though.

I made some decent progress on the second arm of my Hourglass sweater while waiting to get my hair cut. Apparently I was my hairdresser’s only customer today who wasn’t running late. And I was 15 mins. early. Thanks to that series of events, I’m already at the first decrease!

Arming the Hourglass

14 Jul

I knitted the finished first sleeve onto the body of my Hourglass sweater, and after searching for a half hour on the Web for this diagram, I realized I did it correctly! I’ll post photos tomorrow. I need to catch up on the TdF and sleep first.

No knitting

10 Jul

Another weekend, another bluegrass festival. This time, my band played at the Good Old Fashioned festival, which showcases all local California bands. It was also Chad’s first bluegrass festival, and he’s still alive (and talking to me), so that’s a good sign.

I keep thinking I’m going to get a lot of knitting done at these festivals, but I haven’t yet. Patti asked me to make her a banjo strap, though. I think I need to catch up on some other projects first. Although I do have a good idea on how I can improve my mando strap pattern/process (but mandolins and much lighter than banjos).

I’m getting together with Erika and Jen on Wednesday, so I hope to finish the first sleeve and attach it to the Hourglass sweater then.

Gmap Pedometer

10 Jul

Action Hero Melissa had a link on her website to the Gmap Pedometer, a hack that uses the Google API to figure out mileage of any route. You double-click for each point (the program draws straight lines between each point), and it calculates the total mileage.

Here’s my usual long (6 mile) running route.

I’m going to use it to map out some training runs for the Nike Women’s Marathon in October (I’m doing a half).

Distances include distance from my house (about .75 miles OAB):
4 mile loop
5 mile OAB
5.75 mile OAB
6.75 mile OAB
7.75 miles OAB
8 mile loop