Goals for next year

5 Sep

I gave up on most of my athletic goals for this year. I didn’t start training early enough (well, at all) for the Pac Grove Tri. I decided to do the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon instead of the Treasure Island Tri, but the day I went to sign up was the day after the half-marathon sold out. Oh well. Next year.

As a matter of fact, next year, I’d like to do Bay to Breakers again, Pac Grove, and the Nike Women’s Half. I want that Tiffany and Co. finisher medal, dang it!

After finally starting to recover from my post-vacation cold, I went for two runs this weekend, and boy, am I out of shape. I was hoping to get up to go to spinning tomorrow AM, but maybe I’ll sleep in and start back up with Spinning on Thurs. As always, we’ll see…

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